The Locofast Ecosystem: Reshaping the Textile Industry

Founded in 2019, Locofast today has become the leading B2B platform for the textile industry in India. Backed by India’s leading investors, it is an online one-stop-shop that solves all textile procurement problems for businesses involved in converting textile into finished products, by connecting them with spinning, weaving, and processing mills that manufacture, dye, print, and ready fabric. With its industry-best turnaround time and the finest quality outcomes for made-to-order textiles, it is trusted by leading fashion brands like Zara, H&M, and Marks and Spencers in India, as well as international brands like TJX, Cotton:On, and Primark. In doing so, Locofast has set a new benchmark in the textile supply chain.

With the Locofast mobile application, customers can trace their orders until they have been delivered.

In its aim to deliver quality and customized services to its customers at reasonable prices, Locofast has close tie-ups with textile mills all across the country for greige procurement that is further processed according to the needs of the consumers. The processing of this greige fabric may include dyeing, printing using advanced techniques like reactive, discharge, and pigment, and giving specialized finishes to the fabric to make it water repelling, fire retarding, or crease-resistance, to name a few. Once the fabric has been prepped and prepared, it is subjected to a quality inspection that includes pilling testing, colour fastness, and stability under heat. The results of this quality check are also provided with it on delivery. This is done keeping in mind our commitment to offering our customers a transparent, holistic, and hassle-free purchasing experience. It is also because of this that our customers have complete end-to-end visibility of the product from the time of order placement until its final delivery. Learn more about our customers and the services here.

Users have the option to save their customized orders for quick repurchase.

In the two years since its inception, Locofast has partnered with over 500+ suppliers who have collectively supplied over 50 million meters of textile to 700+ brands as well as to an extensive network of export houses across the globe. Know more about the network of Locofast’s suppliers here. This has been made possible solely through Locofast’s proprietary technology system through which vendors place bulk orders at their fingertips using the Locofast mobile application. For instance, vendors can place extremely detailed customized orders which may include a particular GSM, thread count, loom type, and even their preferred rate. Once the order has been raised, the request becomes visible to our suppliers, who then bid for the contract with their own offers. From the many bids, the vendor then chooses one supplier who then wins the contract. From then till then, everything occurs under the supervision of our account manager who remains in charge of the order until its final delivery. All this is facilitated through the highly detailed, process-centric Locofast cloud platform.

Through its internet-enabled fabric procurement method- along with the end-to-end order management, quality checks, complete logistics, and quick, reasonable, and convenient process- Locofast manages to avoid many problems like higher raw material purchase costs at the mills, inflated procurements costs, and unstable delivery. In doing so, it is well on its goal of revolutionizing the supply chain in the textile industry, one small step at a time.

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