High-quality apparels, manufactured on time.


Locofast helps you in launching your own clothing/apparel line and/or helps augment your existing line.

It provides innovative services to clothing brands in the field of garment design, fabric procurement & garment texture. We add tremendous value to our partners on all these aspects.


We understand that our clients may have specific requirements from time to time...more

Key differentiators

Fashion brands need to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, hence we have ensured...more

Environmental concerns

As a brand we are very conscious of how we operate & hence environmental concerns is one of our core values 



One stop shop solution  starting from design to the finished fabric.

We understand that our clients may have specific requirements from time to time, hence we have broken down our offering at multiple levels to serve our clients in one or more ways as mentioned below. While we are the happiest to serve as a composite end to end provider of garment solutions, but we are sensitive to the needs of our clients and ready to help them in any of the below modules -


We have a large collection of ready fabrics available with us & continuously adding more SKU’s to our range & collection of unique fabrics.


We help our clients in procuring a huge range of trims & accessories.

End to end solutions

We understand that our clients are forever trying to keep up pace with the changing pace of fashion in terms of designs & fabric.