Trending Fabrics for Winter 2022

Considering that summer is already underway, the fashion world is buzzing in anticipation about the theme that would determine the clothing style and trends that should dominate your winter wardrobe. Part of this is, of course, determined by the recent conclusion of Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Paris, and Milan, which have a cascading influence on design and trends for the rest of the year. Pantone’s announcement of the Color of the Year also affects the style, color, mood, and most importantly, the fabrics that one can expect to see everywhere for the upcoming season. With that in mind, here are our predictions for the upcoming season:

Textured Fabrics all the way

With the advancing technology in the fashion world, there has been an increase in the variety of unique, textural, and bizarre fabrics in use, and this is something that can be expected to grow even further. Unusually textured fabrics put together by high-tech machinery, or hand-stitched techniques will be steadily incorporated into the everyday wardrobe. To cater to all, these fabrics can be soft, hard, malleable, or even colorful– indeed, there is no limit! One can also expect a unique interplay between luxurious slowly sateen fabrics and fluffy, soft feathery accents in some designs.

Embrace the (faux) fur

Just because real fur has been rejected by many designers and labels– in an attempt to be socially conscious and environmentally friendly– does not mean that the look cannot be recreated and built around faux fur. One can expect a revival of the faux for a cute, cozy, and luxurious look without having to compromise the environment. A trusty faux fur coat is likely to elevate all occasion wear and will add instant glamor to everyday outfits, all the while keeping the wearer warm.

Leopard print is in

In keeping with the animal motif is the increasing popularity of leopard print. In recent years, fabric mills have been able to experiment and make softer, more durable, visually appealing leopard print designs that will instantly elevate any outfit, and if paired correctly, can suggest elegance, femininity, or even boldness to the wardrobe. It also banks on the nostalgia of the 1990s trends when leopard and cheetah prints were all the rage.

Bouncing checks

Another trend that seeks to make a return from the 1990s is checkered fabrics. Because of the huge variety of checkered patterns available for fabrics including flannel, gingham, Madras, and seersucker, there is a lot of experimentation that can be done this winter. Depending on the types of checkered pattern used, one can have a classic tailored look, a cute wintery look, or even a naughty yet chic look. With checks, it is all about the pairing!

Let them wear denim

As the most in-demand fabric that is also long-lasting and instantly adds chicness to your wardrobe, denim is something to look forward to this winter. Wearing denim instantly gives a younger look, and looks effortless yet chic and stylish. It is versatile, comfortable, and an ideal choice for both everyday wear and occasional party wear, so embrace that favorite pair of jeans, invest in that denim jacket, and your winter wardrobe is set.

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