How to scale up textile business in India

Textile industry is one of the most prominent industries in India. It has made great contributions to the Indian economy in recent times, contributing to about 2 percent to the GDP of the country. India being the sixth largest exporter of textiles and apparels in the world, now is the time than any to scale up your textile business in India.

Having set up your business, there are certain important things you need to bring your business the recognition and revenue it deserves. Here’s how you can get started:

Providing different qualities and varieties

Giving your customers the freedom to choose from not only different qualities of fabrics but also from wide varieties in terms of patterns, finish and services, can surely help your business stand out from the competition.

Maintain transparency

In the current textile business scenario, the customers are offered limited choices in terms of prices, since these prices are being offered by the traders and not directly by the mills. This is one of the reasons behind the fragmented nature of the industry. Hence, maintaining transparency in terms of price and quality is of a lot of value.

Order Tracking

Branching out from the previous point, providing the customers the agency to track their orders play a huge role in building trust between your business and the customer. It also eliminates the hustle of constant communication.

Credit Facilities

The customers often get attracted to credit which is offered at lower interest rates than that of the market. While the market gives credit on interest rates ranging from 2–2.5%, offering them lower interest rates can be a distinct advantage. Read on to find out how.

Tap into a bigger network

The number of your customers, the export and buying houses, will grow very slowly unless you gain access to a bigger network of customers putting their order in one place for the supplier with the best price to take. A network like this can level up your business almost instantly.

Take out the hassle of transportation and logistics

The customers are often faced with the problem of prompt responses from their logistics partner. They can not only track the orders but also cannot hold one person accountable due to numerous touch points in the supply chain.

While the above suggestions are easier said than done, the first question that you would ask is HOW? How do you find a network that would highlight your business in front of your customers? How do you provide credit to your customers at interest rates lower than that of the market? How do you allow your customers to track their orders?

Locofast can be an easy solution to all your problems and more.

It is a B2B marketplace for textiles, it brings textile suppliers and customers together on their platform to conduct business along with other solutions. Here’s how Locofast can be a one stop solution to scale up your textile business-


The platform allows the customers and suppliers to put their queries and quotes respectively, hence, eliminating the ambiguity of unfair prices created by middlemen.

Order Tracking

The customers can track their orders from the Locofast app, right from when the order is placed till the time it’s delivered, the customer is made aware of every point in the process.

Credit Facilities

Locofast provides credit to customers on interest rates as low as 1.5% which attracts more customers for the suppliers partnered with the platform.

More business opportunities

As mentioned before, having access to a wide pool of customers will bring more business, pretty straightforward. But it takes a lot of time and effort to build your own network given the limited number of connections new businesses have. Locofast already has more than 1200 customers using their app to place their queries.


Transportation services are made available to the suppliers and customers and the team works tirelessly to fulfill the orders on time.

The process of partnering with Locofast as a business is easy to understand and hassle-free. Reach out to them with the information mentioned below.

[email protected]

+91 89203 92418

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