Locofast helps you in launching your own clothing/apparel line and/or helps augment your existing line. It provides innovative services to clothing brands in the field of garment design, fabric procurement & garment texture. We add tremendous value to our partners on all these aspects.


We vow to take away the pain and burden that our client undergoes everyday through delay in either procuring fabric or launching finished products.. We are here to provide a one stop solution for them to design & source their garments through us.
We at Locofast are 100% committed to the success of our client & we work hard to ensure that our partners attain success and share their joy with us. We look forward to working with you.
Most of the designs that we create are inspired by our past experience and the latest trends across the globe in fashion. Our team is always on the look-out for the newest & most updated designs trends across the globe. Our focus is always to bring this innovation to our clients & help them succeed in the fast changing fashion world.  Our focus always remains in providing our clients some of the best solutions in terms of design, fabric & embellishments and most importantly within the time limitation & budget.
We are happy to create unique designs and themes exclusively for brands. We also collaborate on exclusive designs in graphics & silhouettes. Our team lays great emphasis on coordination & being responsive, hence we are proud to say we are available 24x7 for our clients and willing to help them at every step of the process.
Another area of focus for us is the care for the environment, we are very conscious of garment manufacturing & its impact on the environment & we ensure we work keeping that in mind. We want to play a role in making the world a better place.